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almost 11 years ago

APIs Presented This Morning

Perseus Books Group Book Files

Here's the link to the Dropbox with the Perseus book files.

If you have questions, find Debbie Naples or send her an email (

API Code: pub123   Exeversion is a search engine and unified API for the world’s data. As a developer you can not only access data on Exversion, but also upload your own and instantly access it via API. For the best use of our API, we're offering a private data repository and $100 worth of API calls.

Link to presentation:
Code for unlimited access to API: PH8kMaY
APIs for hackathon (Penguin Classics, DK Travel, and Dictionary API)
Prize for best use of API: $250


If anyone is interested in building an app based on social data like reading time, highlights, comments and/or reviews. Check out the Readmill API. Here is the full documentation:

Renrik (from Readmill) is also posting in the dicussion groups.