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Last Picked at Dodgeball

I'll be attending the hackathon solo this weekend. I understand there will an opportunity on Saturday to pick teams. And like any child of the '80s who over-indulged in Cool Ranch Doritos, I have developed a life-long fear of being picked last.

Any teams looking for product strategy & UX design, hit me up. I'm VP of Product at delivery.com, previously: head of product @ Thrillist/JackThreads, PM at Hearst, and a high-school English teacher.

Like 6th-grade dodgeball, what I lack in natural talent I make up for in hustle.



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    Hey Chris!

    That's pretty funny, and yet very vulnerable of you. You sound cool, I'd love to meet and chat and see if we vibe well. I'd be open to being on a team with you.

    I'm a creative director. I have a lot of experience in web/digital, production and some publishing as well. And a hustler as well.

    I'll make sure to arrive early to say "hello" and chat. :)

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    I was thinking that I too would be last at dodgeball! I am not sure how this is going to work out tomorrow; but my business partner (who has tons of smarts but will never really say so) and I thought we would come and see what happens. We have an html5 based app company, childrens book apps....but can do much more. He and I are splitting up for the day, in order to meet more people.

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