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Call for Team Members

Hey everyone,

I'm looking forward to this event, and I hope you are as well. I wanted to reach out and see if there's anyone interested in joining me ahead of the event. I'm looking to meet:

Developers (preferably those who have experience with Ruby on Rails, but CakePHP or Django works as well)

Designers (Photoshop/illustrator)

Someone with a background in a Research field (Psychology, Anthropology)

People with experience in Biz Dev/Partnerships and Online Marketing

Bonus points if you've worked at a library or bookstore :)

Let's put our brains together and come up with something to change the game.


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    Hey Sahan!

    It looks like most of the people who've come to post discussions are all that you'd need.

    I do biz dev and marketing online and off. Chris is a UX expert and another person is a developer!

    We might have a team right here... ;)

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    Hi I am a designer of apps, illustrator, and startup app company which delivers html5 apps. I think a good books discoverability engine would involve three d display so everything is not so linear, random books in background. This is part visualization, and part algorithm behind the display.

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    I'm a PhD student at Cornell University studying media psychology and communication. My research specifically looks as how readers interact with narratives and form a sense of the information space (prior to and during media reception). I'm still looking for a team, so if you still need someone in the research domain, please message me!


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